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Janitorial Services


Business Address:
2510 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Business Phone: 205-254-9777
Business Fax: 205-254-9124


Trust Building Services is a Platinium Sponsor for IREM Alabama Chapter 43.  Trust Building Services comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board that uses Trust Building Services for all their janitorial needs. 
Mark Weisenfeld was awarded the Alabama Chapter "5 Star Friend of IREM" for his continued support to the chapter over the years.  Mark Weisenfeld and Trust Building Services have been involved and reccommeneded by the IREM Alabama Chapter since 2001.
When choosing products and services, please consider this Friend of IREM.




Business Address:
4240 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35235

Business Phone: 205-591-4245
Business Fax: 205-591-4250


Landscape Contractors


Business Address:
550 Montgomery Hwy Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35216

Business Phone: 205-547-3945
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Bill Cobb: 


Janitorial Services


Business Address:
111 39th Street N.
Birmingham, AL 35222

Business Phone: 205-591-7711
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Cynthia Hobson:




Business Address:
284-B Snow Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209

Business Phone: 205-945-0062
Business Fax: 866-228-5095


Michael Smith:




Business Address:
PO Box 4724 
Gulf Shores, AL 36547

Business Fax: 251.752.8548


Architectural Restoration: Marble, Stone, Wood, Tile


Business Address:
3760 Sixes Road, Suite 126 # 274
Canton, GA 30114

Business Phone: 770-927-9985
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Construction Companies


Business Address:
3770 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38118

Cell Phone: 205-299-3673
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Business Address:
5636 Clifford Circle
Birmingham, AL 35250

Business Phone: 205-956-6555
Cell Phone: 205-623-9121
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Business Address:
2194-B Parkway Lake Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244

Business Phone: 205-982-8000
Direct Phone: 205-229-4149
Business Email:


Fire & Security Systems


Business Address:
One Preimeter Park South
Suite 100 N
Birmingham, AL 35243

Business Phone: 205-326-8816
Cell Phone: 770-851-6766
Cell Phone: 205-212-4193
Business E-Mail Ron Ording: ROrding@MITECNET.COM
Business E-Mail Danny Rowe: drowe@MITECNET.COM

Mitec is the recognized leader of fire and property protection services, providing unparalleled service and value for leading properties and facilities. Services include such innovations as web access to inspection data and integrated systems comprised of fire detection, access control, video, and security. Mitec’s technical expertise in fire and property protection services can accommodate the needs of any commercial property, regardless of complexity.

Mitec is certified by UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) as a Listed Installation Company and affiliations with manufacturers such as Honeywell and GE enable Mitec to offer the finest equipment to you to complement our installation services.



HVAC Contractors


Business Address:
1030 London Drive
Suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35211

Business Phone: 205-747-4027
Cell Phone: 334-497-4010



Manda Tucker:


Real Estate Management


Business Address:
25 West Oxmoor Road Suite 10
Homewood, AL 35209


Keith Graham:


Waste Management & Recycling


Business Address:
300 Fleming Road
Birmingham, AL 35217

Business Phone: 205-432-0878
Cell Phone: 205-267-8860
Business E-Mail:

The Waste Professionals 
Residential - Commercial - Recycling - Landfill Disposal 




Business Address:  
1041 Morgan Park Rd. Pelham, AL  35124

Business Phone:  

Businessness Contact:  Mark Anderson

Advanced Electrical Company, Inc. is a Silver Level sponsor for IREM Alabama Chapter 43.  Advanced Electrical comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board that uses Advanced Electrical Company for all their electrical needs.


Janitorial Services


Business Address: 216 Business Center Drive Birmingham, AL  35244

Business Phone:  205-560-0330 

Business Contact:  Shea Bourland

Pritchard Industries is a Silver Level Sponsor for IREM Alabama Chapter 43 .  Pritchard Industries comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board that uses Pritchard for their janitorial needs.



Landscape Contractors


Business Address: 2450 Old Highway 150 Birmingham, AL  35022

Business Phone:  205-481-0876

Contact Eric Brazeel:

Contact Jason Brooks:

Landscape Associates is a Gold Sponsor for IREM Alabama CHapter 43.  Landscapse Associates comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board.

Landscape Asssociates' mission is to be the best landscaping company in the Southeast.  Their highly trained and certified professionals are committed to delivering the finest possible workmanship toghether with cost effective landscaping solutions. 


Roofing Contractors



Landscape Contractors


Business Address: 159 Greenwich Drive Pelham, AL  35124

Office Contact:  205-664-7774

Contact Andrea Jones: 

NatureScape has over 20 years experience working with commercial property managers in Central Alabama.  They understand the demands put on property managers to meet budget forecasts, to pass corporate landscape inspections, to satisfy tenant requests and to meet security demands.

NatureScape is a silver level sponsor for IREM Alabama Chapter 43.  NatureScape comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board.




Business Address: 133 West Park Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211

Contact: 205-940-7180

Contact Brian Pierson:

Fravert is a group of industrial designers and builders in the business of bringing your brand off the screen and into the third dimension.



HVAC Contractors


Vulcan Heating and Air Conditioning Services is a Silver Level Industry Partner for Alabama Chapter 43.   Vulcan Heating and Air comes highly recommended by the Chapter Executive Board that uses Vulcan Heating and Air for their HVAC needs.  

Vulcan Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing HVAC services for over 25 years.  Vulcan Heating and Air has locations in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery and is independently owned and operated.  

When choosing products and services, please consider this IREM Industry Partner.